Writing, Grammar, Literature, ACT Prep Education: M.Ed.,Stanford University

Writing, Grammar, Literature, ACT Prep Education: M.Ed.,Stanford University

Examining ACT Essay Examples

Katie is an teacher that is enthusiastic strives in order to make connections between literature and student’s each day lives.

We spend a lot of time referring to most of the essential the different parts of a good ACT style essay. In this episode we will take a look at some sample essays which were authored by actual students as a result to an ACT style prompt. Furthermore these were graded by actual teachers and evaluated regarding the ACT Rubric, so just a reminder the Rubric will probably consider seven indicators when it comes to ACT inside their knowledge of task, position, complexity, development, organization, sentences and word choice and grammar. So let’s take a good look at those essays and discover how they measure up regarding the scale.
Let’s take a look at example essay number 1, go to the bonus materials and download it. It scored an 11 this means one teacher gave it a five and one teacher gave it the utmost points that are possible that was a six. I’m going to read through the very first paragraph for you to have it printed out in front of you with you but, it would be essential. Alright so it starts, ‘the problem that is perennial schools in the nation today is dropout rates. This blight that is stubborn refused to go away despite of a number of methods enacted by schools to eliminate it. In a certain school, two of the methods have been proposed-either offering free tutoring or offering a wider variety of classes. Even though the idea of free tutoring sounds attractive, the solution is based on offering a wider selection of classes, which ultimately encourages students in which to stay school.’ This essay goes on to give ample support of factual statements about why it is vital to give a wider variety of classes and in addition really hummers home a counter that is strong that shows why free tutoring just won’t work. Let us have a look at how it measures up to a few of the indicators that are key we have discussed earlier. We will lump several of those indicators together only for easy sake because they really go in conjunction. So why don’t we talk about how it did with ‘task and position.’ This essay did an extremely solid job of setting up the task, showing a knowledge from it after which taking a strong position. Very clearly the essay states, ‘The solution is based on offering a wider selection of classes, which ultimately encourages students to stay in school.’ They truly are not straddling when you look at the fence, they inform you what it is they’re going to prove that they should go with ‘the offering a wider selection of classes,’ and gives the main reason. The real reason for this is that ‘it ultimately encourages students to stay in school.’
Alright let us take a good look at ‘Complexity and development.’ So listed here is in which the readers are actually looking for you to show a worldwide view that you have considered all different viewpoints after which supported it with specific examples. So we’re likely to take a look at three spots in this essay where this writer truly does a job that is great. The first place the writer tops is, ‘the biggest reason behind students dropping out of school is not inability but apathy. what my not brighten those paths is free tutoring. This method relies on the erroneous belief that bad grades lead to dropping out.’ And so the reason I pulled this put is a really great example is the fact that this writer presents a truly interesting premise, rather than saying we usually have a wider selection of classes since it provides motivation, this writer sort of is out on a limb and says ‘well let me correct the prompt actually.’ Instead of saying that ‘the difficulties with schools is dropping out due to inability’ which will be what suggested i will head out there and say it’s actually apathy. So it suggests an interesting premise which is really great complexity there. Another neat thing that this essay does is ‘Although the thought of free tutoring sounds attractive, offering a wider number of classes to attract students of each stripe is thus the preferred method.’ So here we have that counter argument. Like we said in the counter argument episode is the way to create that strong counter argument so it introduces this idea ‘although the idea of free tutoring sounds attractive,’ but then it goes ahead and dismisses it.
Finally the essay says ‘The encouragement derived from an interesting class often spills into other classes as well. when a student is enthusiastic about a class, he’s encouraged to operate harder.’ Here an example is had by us. Now I think this example might be a little bit more specific by dealing with a particular student or perhaps specific classes and perhaps that’s why among the scorers gave it a five as opposed to a six. But it is essaywritersite.com legit is a great backup, it really is good support to demonstrate that offering a wider selection of classes will actually encourage students in which to stay school, so very strong complexity, very development.

Organization wise essay number one is solid, it really is logical, it introduces the counter argument also it really expands in the arguments that it’s making.

The only thing that is really nice this is that essay number 1 is a superb example of using natural transitions. And we also talked about it in an early on episode, but let me reveal just a really solid example. It ends because of the sentence, ‘Furthermore, their grades improve in other classes because of this, brightening their paths to graduation. in the event that you look at the end of body paragraph number one’